All sports except football will be started by the end of this week. A new link on the site is girls' golf.  Stat leaders will be posted about two weeks after each sport starts it's regular season.  Complete stats can be found under each sport's link.

Wyoming is defending champ.  The Cowboys have won league titles  5 of the last 8 years.  In the last 4 years, 6 of the 8 league teams have made an appearance in the state playoffs.

The regular season will start on Thursday, August 23rd.

Note- Reading home games will be at the Central Building, with the gym entrance off of Jefferson Avenue.
Wyoming will be trying for its 8th league title in a row.  They currently have the 3rd longest active league title streak and tied for 7th for the longest in CHL history.

Regular season starts Saturday.  Madeira will be hosting a tournament with three other teams.  Mariemont has a tri match at Bethel-Tate.  Taylor hosts New Richmond.

Indian Hill is looking for its 5th league title in a row and the 6th in the last 7 years.  In the last 7 years, either Indian Hill or Madeira have been league champs.

All 8 teams start their regular season this week.  Four games will be on Friday and four on Saturday.

Mariemont is looking for a "3 peat" and their 4th league title in the last 5 years.

All 8 teams start their regular season this week.  Five games will be on Friday and three on Saturday.

Our new link this year,girls' golf, is a non league sport.  Only three schools, Madeira, Taylor, & Wyoming have teams. The website will show won/lost records, schedules, & stats.
Wyoming won their first two dual matches of the season over Taylor & Madeira.  The Cowboys finished 3rd out of 8 teams in the Division II Early Season Tournament.  Sophomore Victory Lee led the way with a top five finish (85).  Annabelle Walton had a 96, Anna Sponaugle 102, & Abby McMonigal 105.

There are 5 dual matches this week.

Check out the story on the league preview. Madeira open the fall golf season with an invitational at the Vineyards Golf Course.  Indian Hill tied for 3rd with a 330 score.  Mariemont was 5th (339) and Madeira 9th.  The Oakwood Invitational at the Dayton Country Club was dominated by D1 schools.  Indian Hill was tied for 9th and Wyoming was 10th.  Dylan Stevens of Wyoming tied for 4th overall with a 72.  Alex Major of Indian Hill tied for 10th with a 76.   In a dual match, Wyoming beat McNicholas 169-181.

There are 11 dual matches this week including  the first 4 league matches of the season.  Wednesday, Indian Hill will be at the Kenwood Invitational.

Mariemont started the season with a 5-0 win over Harrison.

There are 15 matches this week,all non-league.  Five league teams have at least one match with a Division I program this week.

Mariemont is coming off of its first ever league title in cross country.  The Warriors return 4 of their top 5 runners at the league meet last year.

Indian Hill is defending champ.  The Braves return 4 of their top 6 runners at the league meet last year.

Four teams start the season off on Saturday.  Indian Hill, Madeira, & Mariemont will travel east of Columbus to National Trail Raceway for the OHSAA Early Season Invitational. It is the same course that the state championship will be held on in November.  Taylor will travel to neighboring Indiana for the Rising Sun Invitational.

The annual CHL Golf Preview was held Thursday at Glenview Golf Course.  The golfers played 18 holes on a warm but sunny day.  Most schools had 6 golfers, The top four players score for each team.  Wyoming won with a score of 318.  Five stokes separated the the three teams;  Indian Hill was 2nd (321) & Mariemont 3rd (323).  Madeira was 4th, Finneytown 5th, Reading 6th, & Taylor 7th.  Dylan Stevens of Wyoming was medalist with a 2 over par 74.  Other top placers were:
2nd - Alex Major (Indian Hill) 76, Tied 3rd - Jack Neville (Mariemont) & Henry Lewis (Mariemont) 77, 5th - Trey Skidmore (Indian Hill) 78, 6th - Max Hobart (Mariemont) 79, Tied 7th - Garrett Innis (Indian Hill) & Thomas Stickney (Wyoming) 80, 9th - Sam Randman (Wyoming) 81, 10th - Jeffery Bonner (Wyoming) 83.

The preview is part of the points system that determines the league champion.  Each team that you beat, you get one points.  Complete team & individual results are posted on the boys' golf link along with the points total.

This fall season, we will be adding girls' golf to the website.  Only three schools, Madeira, Taylor, & Wyoming, have teams so it will not be a league sport.  Fall is our busiest time of the year.  There are six league sports with two of those sports having boys' and girls' teams.  Add girls' golf and field hockey (Indian Hill), we will feature as many as 10 sports throughout the next few months.

This school year will see some changes in the league schools.  Two schools, Deer Park & Finneytown, have new athletic directors. You will be learning more about them soon. Reading will have a new home for two years.  They are going the way of Taylor building a new K-12 campus.  The site will be Reading High School. The school that was opened in the early 1960's is coming down this summer along with about a half a dozen nearby homes.  The new campus is schedule to open in the fall of 2019.  Meanwhile, Reading High School will going to the Central Elementary/Middle School building.  Actually  the high school is coming back home.  The Central Building was the high school for many years before moving to the hilltop location.  The Blue Devils will have temporary sites for volleyball, basketball, & wrestling for the next two years.  Finally, one league school will be paying a visit to Disney World in October for a huge cross country meet.  More on that in a few weeks.

Sometime on July 18th or 19th, the CHL website set a milestone.  The site passed the 3,000,000 view mark.  As of Thursday morning, we have had 3,014,000 views since August 1, 2016.  We are track to set our 10th monthly record in a row.  Thanks to all for your support!!

The spring sports all stars have been posted in the Enquirer.  The selections were determined by the coaches.  The CHL had well over 100 athletes in seven sports represented.  Seven league athletes and three league coaches have been selected as the best in their sport. Here are the athletes and coaches of the year:
Division II Girls' Lacrosse
Player of the Year - Robin Schumacher (Indian Hill)
Coach of the Year - Morgan McDonald (Indian Hill)
Division II Boys' Lacrosse
Player of the Year - Charles Schooler (Mariemont)
Coach of the Year - Steve Peterson (Mariemont)
Division II Girls' Track & Field
Runner of the Year - Anna Podojil (Indian Hill)
Field Athlete of the Year - Marley Manigault (Wyoming)
Coach of the Year - Sue Savage (Indian Hill)
Division II Boys' Track & Field
Field Athlete of the Year - Justin Dreyling (Reading)
Division II Boys' Tennis
Doubles Athletes of the Year - Pablo Guzman/Christiano Lima (Indian Hill)
Here are the all stars by sport:
Division II
1st Team
Chandler Harris (Indian Hill), Jacob Courtney (Reading), Jordan Spivey (Taylor)
2nd Team
Hayden Seeger (Mariemont), Jacob Hughes (Taylor), Luke Hannum (Taylor), Dakota Handorf (Deer Park), Lucas DeVault (Wyoming)
Honorable Mention
Brad Westmeyer (Mariemont), Henry Lewis (Mariemont), Bailey Vanderpool (Reading), Ryan Haas (Reading), Max Fries (Taylor)
Division III
1st Team
Sam Wirsing (Madeira), Joey Gerbus (Finneytown)
Honorable Mention
Trey Waltz (Madeira), Patrick Thatcher (Madeira)
Division II
1st Ream
Reagan Raymer (Wyoming)
2nd Team
Samantha Campbell (Wyoming), Emily Dudek (Wyoming), Ashley Bauer (Taylor), Olivia Burger (Taylor), Genna Harris (Taylor)
Honorable Mention
Eden Craig (Taylor), Brooke Davis (Taylor), Morgan Harris (Taylor), Cori Meyer (Taylor), Teresa Oliver (Taylor), Emma Melvin (Wyoming)
Division III
1st Team
Jenna Shepherd (Deer Park), Samantha Schreibeis (Deer Park), Samantha Stevens (Deer Park), Renee Schueler (Reading), Brittany Ladd (Madeira) Hayley Richardson (Finneytown)
2nd Team
Lydia Wolferst (Finneytown), Lexi Blackmon (Madeira), Ryenn Baily (Reading), Jordon Harvey (Reading), Emma Phelps (Reading), Sam Vance (Reading), Maddie Franklin (Deer Park), Bailey Weaver (Deer Park), Ashley Mapes (Deer Park)
Honorable Mention
Carissa Ruffin (Finneytown)
1st Team
Andrew Pregel (Indian Hill)
2nd Team
Joe Kelly (Wyoming)
Honorable Mention
Joel Steimle (Finneytown), Oliver Peterman (Mariemont), Naanas Pisati (Indian Hill)
1st Team
Milan Bhandari/Christisno (Indian Hill), George Arenas/Kyle Demers (Wyoming)
2nd Team
Mack Ellis/Mrinal Singh (Indian Hill)
Honorable Mention
Jesse Cobbs/Pete Monak (Finneytown), Joe Klein/Adam Behrman (Wyoming), Matt McGory/Jackson Northrop (Mariemont)
Division II (number of events honored)
1st Team
Whitley Elsass (Wyoming), Riley Bahr (Wyoming), Tiffany Chen (Wyoming), Kate Vanatsky (Wyoming), Anna Podojil (4) (Indian Hill), Karen Folz (Indian Hill), Margo David (2) (Indian Hill), Ellie Podojil (2) (Indian Hill), Ashleigh Prugh (Indian Hill), Amy Prugh (2) (Indian Hill), Louisa Klaserner (Indian Hill), Kylee Draughn (Taylor)
2nd Team
Carson Fields (Mariemont), Marin Valentine (Mariemont), Jaxie Brokamp (Mariemont), Ellie Podojil, Marley Manigault (Wyoming)
Honorable Mention
Cosette Busch (Madeira), Tess Mitchell (Madeira), Kenney Torggler (Madeira), Becca Shinkle (Madeira), Corinne Fanta (2) (Mariemont), Carson Fields (3), Whitley Elsass, Marin Valentine, Riley Dunne (Mariemont), Marley Manigault, Elizabeth Voss (Taylor), Alli Draughn (Taylor)
Division III
Honorable Mention
Hope Nelson (Reading)
Division II (number of events honored)
1st Team
Brad Greene (Taylor), Ben Bayless (Indian Hill), Justin Dreyling (Reading), Nate Stidham (Reading)
2nd Team
Gabe Van Skiak (Reading), Patrick Giroux (Indian Hill), Johnny Giroux (Indian Hill), Devin Heffernan (Indian Hill), Ben Bayless, Spenser Cox (Madeira)
Honorable Mention
Brad Greene, Nic Triclett (Taylor), Jacob Picklesimer (Taylor), Logan Workman (Taylor), Derrick Deidesheimer (Taylor), Mykal Bright (2) (Indian Hill)
Division III
1st Team
Evan Schramm (Deer Park)
Xavier Pena (Deer Park)
2nd Team
Evan Schramm
Honorable Mention
David Comarata (Deer Park)
Colin Colyer (Deer Park)
1st Team
Robin Schumacher (Indian Hill), Ellie Rabenold (Indian Hill), Lily Lance (Indian Hill), Courtney Robinson (Mariemont), Sari Gall (Mariemont), Kyra George (Mariemont), Marielle Smith (Wyoming), Lindsay Stewart (Wyoming)
2nd Team
Stephanie Tranter (indian Hill)
Honorable Mention
Bailey Bathalter (Indian Hill), Mary Englert (Maderia), Janie Bortz (Mariemont), Kelly Lyons (Wyoming)
1st Team
Max Christopher (Mariemont), Anthony DiMichele (Mariemont), Ryan Fixler (Indian Hill), Charles Schooler (Mariemont), Owen Taylor (Indian Hill), Eric Tossos (Mariemont), Jacob Trester (Mariemont)
2nd Team
Wilson Bucher (Mariemont), Charlie Cowart (Mariemont), Declan Dunehew (Wyoming), Patrick Farist (Indian Hill), Cole Harden (Mariemont), Zander Johnston (Indian Hill), Brook McClay (Indian Hill), Ben Phelan (Mariemont)
Honorable Mention
Mark Letscher (Madeira), Steven Schloss (Madeira), Bradley Quick (Mariemont), Brandon Bortz (Mariemont), Andrew Maze (Mariemont)

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