Here the list of the spring sports seniors in the CHL.

The Class of 2020 had 96 track & field seniors in the CHL.  There are 40 girls and 56 boys.  Congratulations to all!

Deer Park - Maggie Carpenter
Finneytown - Ashley Hafner, Kaziah Horsely, Alexandra Lee, Cortnie Newman
Indian Hill - Kaitlyn Briedis, Jenson Cassidy, Hunter Fey, Cecilla Fu, Claudia Hollander, Louisa Klaserner, Kathy Ning, MaryClaire Pavick, Amy Prugh, Ashleigh Prugh, Anna Whaley
Madeira - Emma Beck, Grace Rindeis
Mariemont - Riley Dunne, Reagan Kaier, Erin Kelly, Alivia Naticchioni
Reading - Hope Nelson
Taylor - Anna Bracken, Laylani Oung, Katie Pangallo, Grace Pastrick, Brooklyn Roberto-Herrick, Olivia Steiner
Wyoming - Ida Addo, Olivia Alberto, Ava Batsel, Claire Carmichael, Catrice Chambers, Tiffany Chen, Anna Heiser, Cidaruh Jones, Aidan Lanner, Callie Miller, Raven Small
Deer Park - Julian Anderson, Kevin Cao, Shawn Crockett, Steven Gentry Jr., Eric Hamilton, Deshaun Mcentire
Finneytown - Keith Johnson, Oscar Julius, Cameron Thurmond
Indian Hill - Jack Adam, Marc Bennett, Matthew Briedis, Jay Consillino, Bradley Corl, Josh Freeman, Alex Galbraith, Spencer Margialardo, David Pyu, Jonah Sorscher, David Swallow, Jack Taylor, Jonathan Weisfelder
Madeira - Charlie Andruss, Diego Arredondo, Nick Ashbaugh, Samuel Bernicke, Grant Breit, Ben Cunningham, Curtis Flores, Trevor Harris, Zhuo-Nan Huang, Nick Landis-Ashbaugh, Ben Ramos, Max Schmits, Dylan Whitson
Mariemont - Wes Adams, Stephen Banks, Casey Dutro, Jack Fischer, Max Halpin, Nickson Kirks-McFadden, Ryan Matarese, Andrew Mehl, Luc Vitela, Lucas Wilmer
Reading - Nate Grant
Taylor - Jack Dreyer, Chase Grauel, Nike Lake, Tristen Miller, Jobie Neidenbach, Drew Pittman, Marshall Truitt
Wyoming - Gabe Bunton, Christopher Izenson, John Nice

The Class of 2020 had 10 boys' tennis seniors in the CHL.  Congratulations to all!
Finneytown - Ben Brueggemeyer
Indian Hill - Anay Gautham, Nick Grossi, Ethan Horton
Madeira - no seniors
Mariemont - Joe Elkahla, Oliver Peterman, Jack Stephens
Taylor - no seniors
Wyoming - Michael Ford, Charlie Kamrska, Sam Mota

The Class of 2020 had 31 softball seniors in the CHL.  Congratulations to all!
Deer Park - Alyvin Hedges, Cassidy Horn, Cassie Buckner, Mady Bruning, Maggie Carpenter, Melovie Colwell, Taylor Luck, Valary Leland, Lindsey Jaworek
Finneytown - Emily Schwegman, Paige Sedgwick, Christina Carter, Courtney Wood, Chyeanna Griffin
Indian Hill - Mary James
Madeira - Emily Turcotte
Mariemont - Addy Ashlinger, Kady Rasmussen, Megan Betts, Julie Meece, Katie Marshall
Reading - Haven Moore, Maggie Childs, Emma Phelps, Kylie Schmidt, Olivia Hartigan, Sydney Pruitt
Taylor - Sophia Reagan, Jaclyn Ulm, Natalie Johns, Brooklynn Linneman
Wyoming - no seniors

The Class of 2020 had 69 lacrosse seniors in the CHL.  There are 25 girls & 44 boys.  Congratulations to all!
Indian Hill - Madeline Antenucci, Ellie Bayless, Isabella Dinga, Lily Hagin, Joris Alf, Julie Miller, Anna Mayeux, Maddie Miller
Madeira - Isabella DiMauro, Lauren Feeley, Eva Fischer, Liz Bellayuto, Clarie Leonhardt, Paige Meyer
Mariemont - Kendall Dewey, Charlotte Coates, Ellie Poindexter, Abbie Kapker, Clarie Wilder, isabella Skiene
Wyoming - Lucy Spera, Caroline Zackerman, Abbey Buysse, Lauren Rutherford, Brigid Simmons
Indian Hill - Andrew Schwannekamp, Duke Wyler, Garrett Anderson, David Borden, Josh Young
Madeira - Jack Flanagan, Andrew Pruitt, Jack Schweppes, Brennan Huon, Jacob Waltz, Nathan Huber
Mariemont - Owen Holiday, Wiley Lyons, Nick Brothers, Zach McClorey, JP Normile, Bates Gail, Henry Rolander, Evan Sizer, Will Slutenroth, Ethan Trester, Noah Pfaffenberger, Luke Robinson, Mike Moehring
Taylor - Bobby Cole, Jacob Beck, Eric Glassford, Ethan Updegrove
Wyoming - Harry Powers, Will Kennedy, Sam Rossi, A.J. Washienko, Drew Vollette, Jack Babb, Jon Rittenhouse, Sam Taylor, Beck Hunter, Colin Bornholdt, Ray Jeffers, Trevor Vollette, Max Lackey, Lucas Piante, Sam Popovitz, Matthew Malone

The Class of 2020 had 36 baseball seniors in the CHL.  Congratulations to all!
Deer Park - Luke Wood, Will Fischer, John Locher, Connor Gardner, Zach Shreves, Vance Armor
Finneytown - Marcos Andres Jimenez Inzar, Caleb Drain, Daeron Martin, Jesus Martin, Nate Robinson, Javion Thompson
Indian Hill - David Slattery, Nick Gillum, Michael Moore, LJ Jung Kunz, Alex Lindberg, David Heilbrunn, William Campa, Teddy Taylor, Matt Davis, Mac Durban, Chris Ge
Madeira - Liam Glorius
Mariemont - Zach Stith, Peter Mysogland, Reese Grant, Dylan Burerger, JJ Tenhundfeld, Mike Ryan
Reading - Sam Baker, Jack Tegeder, Evan Grigsby 
Taylor - Bryce Hamm, Matthew Hibbard, Matthew Hellebusch, Jeffery Butler, Conner Sauerwin
Wyoming - Josh Parker, Adriaan deLange, Cooper Kadish, Gavin Raymer, Thomas Stickney

Five sports and over 240 seniors.  Congratulations to all of our CHL senior athletes and good luck in the future!

Evan Prater (Wyoming) has proven over the last few years that he is one of the best athletes the CHL has seen,  He has received numerous honors including winning a football state championship as a junior and being named Mr. Football of Ohio as a senior. He now can add to the list the Penn Station Athlete of the Year.  That makes back to back Penn Station Athlete of the Year awards for the CHL.  Last year, Anna Podojil (Indian Hill) won the award.  Along with the honor comes a $10,000 check.  Prater will be attending the University of Cincinnati where he will play football.  Check out Twitter for Evan's reaction to winning the award.  Congratulations to Evan Prater and Go Bearcats!

Update from Monday.......
Tuesday, baseball, softball, tennis, swimming & diving, golf, and track & field can start practicing again.  Some of our schools are opening on campus facilities for their athletes with restrictions.  It's just a start, but a start in the right direction!

it has been a sad last two plus months for our spring athletes.  It started with the winter sports being shut down before some their sports were done.  At least they got most if not all of their season completed.  Spring sports have had nothing.  This is particularly hard for the senior athletes as they were looking forward to closing out their high school careers on the field, track, or courts.  The CHL website is going to recognize the seniors in each our spring sports over a five day period starting Monday.  The order will be alphabetical; baseball, lacrosse, softball, tennis, track & field.  It won't bring back the season, but at least you will be recognized for being part of your 2020 spring sports team.    
Congratulations to all members of the Class of 2020 in each of our schools.

Tuesday, May 26th, the OHSAA will lift the no contact period for baseball, golf, softball, swimming & diving, tennis, and track & field.  We are hoping information on the other sports will be coming soon.

Starting in the 2021 season, the football playoffs will expand from 8 to 12 teams per region.  The top 4 teams will get first week byes.  That will give close to 50% of the high schools that play football a chance at post season.  Football is the only OHSAA team sport in which not every school qualifies for post  season.

See how fast you can find the answers.  You can have competition with others. 
Correct answers will be posted Thursday afternoon after 4:30.
Answers can be found on the many different links on the CHL Website.

Seven current schools were charter members of the CHL in 1985.  Two schools left the league in the 1990's & one join the league in the late 1980's.  This week's questions will focus on those three schools.

 1. Two part question...  How many state titles did CAPE have?  4 In what sports did they win the titles? Football (3), Girls' Track & Field (1)
 2. Who was Taylor's first individual state champion? Emily Thompson, cross country 2002
 3.  What was Taylor girls' basketball record this past season? 17-8
 4. Who was the CHL Football Offensive Player of the Year in 1992? Chad Doerr (Loveland)
 5. Taylor is the only school in the league that has a 
different name for the district.  What is the name of Taylor's school district? Three Rivers Local School District
 6. Carlos Snow (CAPE) still holds how many boys' track & field league records? two, 100 Dash & 4 x 100 Relay
 7. What sport was Loveland not a CHL league champ?  football, girls' cross country, girls' basketball, wrestling    girls' basketball
 8. Taylor boys' won the CHL league cross country title five times.  What years? Five in a row 2001-2005
 9. In 1987, Loveland won their first CHL league title in what sport? baseball
10. In 1989, who was the CHL Football Defensive Play of the Year? Taver Johnson (CAPE)
11. Taylor's first year in the CHL was 1989.  What two league titles did they win in their first school year in the league? boys' basketball, boys' track & field
12. At the end of the 1995 school year, what conference did Loveland join? Fort Ancient Valley Conference
13. In what year did Taylor win the CHL Boys' Golf league title? 2009
14. What is the reason CAPE left the CHL in 1994? school dissolved 
15. In the Taylor's school district is the town of North Bend.  It is the only place in America to have what?  Birthplace of an American president (Benjamin Harrison) and buried place of an American president (William Henry Harrison).

Next trivia will be Tuesday.
See how fast you can find the answers.  You can have competition with others. 
Correct answers will be posted Thursday afternoon after 4:30.
Answers can be found on the many different links on the CHL Website.
A focus this week will be the new enhancements for softball & baseball.

Questions 1-4, Softball
1. In the game between Taylor & Wyoming on 4/29/19, how many strikeouts did Brooklynn Linneman have? 17
2. Through 2019, how many career RBIs did Torey Macke (Deer Park) have? 68
3. In a Reading-Deer Park game on 5/3/16, Reading won 5-4.  What inning did they break the 3-3 tie? 6th inning with 2 runs
4. In 2011, Finneytown had a 2-1 win over Amelia in the post season.  Who scored the 
Wildcat runs? Ashley Bramble & Brooke Nichols
Questions 5-8, Baseball 
5.In 2017, Taylor clinched the league title against Madeira on May 13.  Sam Wirsing struck out how many in 5.1 innings for Taylor? 8
6. On 5/3/16, Reading clinched a tie for the league title in a 5-4 win over Mariemont.  What two innings did Reading score their runs? 1st & 2nd
7. Two part question..... From 2010 -2013, many career hits did Andrew Benintendi (Madeira) have?  213 What year did he have the most hits in a season? Freshman - 58
8. In 2019, Wyoming had a 18-1 win over Deer Park.  What inning did the Cowboys score 12 runs? 4th
9. This past wrestling season, what was the combined record of Jacob & Nathan Bryan (Wyoming)? 88-14, Nathan 46-7 & Jacob 42-7
10. Since 2013, how many league schools have had a Coach of the Year in football? 7
11. According to the stats this past season, how many events did Indian Hill boys' swimming lead the league in? 10
12. What was the last year that the CHL had six boys' tennis teams?  2014
13. What was the last year the a CHL 
wrestling league wrestling champion team did not score at least 200 points? 2015, Reading 197
14. How many lacrosse goals did Leigh Fisher (Mariemont) have in 2010 & 2011? 97
15. From 2008-2011, Emily Stites (Wyoming) finished no lower than what place in the CHL Girls' Cross Country Championships? 5th

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